Registration for Attending SAT+SMT 2020

SAT+SMT 2020 is targeted towards those working in the area of formal methods and verification. These include students and faculty from academia and industry professionals.

Due to COVID, we have decided to organize the 5th Indian SAT+SMT School virtually. In view of the reduced costs due to virtual organization, we have decided not to charge any registration fee from participants.

Digital platforms to organize the school will still involve some cost. IARCS, a non-profit organization working towards the betterment of research and excellence in computing in India, is supporting the organization of the school. To support the efforts of IARCS and to support the organization of the school, we request registrants from the industry to consider contributing Rs. 10000 to IARCS towards sponsorship of Indian SAT+SMT school 2020.

Note that your registration is not contingent upon your donation to IARCS.

We have planned our digital platform to accommodate a certain number of participants. In the event that the number of registrants exceeds the capacity of our digital platform, we may, at our discretion, move some of the registrants to view-only streaming of the school where interactive participation may not be available.

Registration is free but mandatory to receive information about links to the sessions.

Registrations have now been closed.

For those who have not registered, non-interactive YouTube links will be provided!