About SAT + SMT

SAT and SMT solvers are the backbone of a wide range of academic and industrial R&D activities today. These include software and hardware verification, logistics, planning, operations research, non-linear discrete optimization, model counting, etc. Recently, there is a huge interest in application domains that lie at the interface of constraint solving and machine learning. On one hand constraint solvers are used to establish if ML models possess certain properties, on the other hand, ML techniques are used to improve the performance of constraint solvers. The seventh edition of the Indian SAT+SMT School will focus on exploring topics such as Pseudo-Boolean constraint solving.

The seventh edition of this school will be held during 15-17 December, 2022 co located with FSTTCS 2022 at IIT Madras! We expect the audience to include Ph.D./masters students and academics from colleges/universities, and engineers from the industry.



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Important Dates
  • SAT+SMT school: December 15, 2022.


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