Short Presentations - I (16th December, 0930-1030)
  • [0930-0950]   Maximal Quantified Precondition Synthesis via Range Abduction by Sumanth Prabhu (TCS Research and IISc) (video)
  • [0950-1010]   On the Satisfiability of Context-free String Constraints with Subword Ordering by Soumodev Mal (CMI) (slides, poster, video)
  • [1010-1030]   Pragmatic Verification of Mergeable Replicated Data Types by Vimala S (IIT Madras) (slides, poster, video)

Short Presentations - II (17th December, 1200-1240)
  • [1200-1220]   Model Counting for SMT Formulas by Arijit Shaw (CMI / IAI, TCG-CREST) (video)
  • [1220-1240]   ApproxASP – a Scalable Approximate Answer Set Counter by Md. Mohimenul Kabir (NUS) (slides, poster, video)

Short Presentations - III (17th December, 1530-1650)
  • [1530-1550]   BMC of Unbounded Petri Nets by Tephilla Prince (IIT Dharwad) (video)
  • [1550-1610]   Frontiers of Inductive Reasoning for Arrays by Divyesh Unadkat (TCS Research and IIT Bombay) (slides, video)
  • [1610-1630]   Probabilistic Fairness Quantification in Machine Learning: A Formal Methods Approach by Bishwamittra Ghosh (NUS) (slides, poster, video)
  • [1630-1650]   Efficient Adversarial Input Generation via Neural Net Patching by Tooba Khan (IIT Delhi) (slides, poster, video)